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ReForest Now Planting Project

Atherton Tablelands, North Queensland

GPS -17.246921, 145.650660

Planting Date  03/2020  

Project Status Completed

Area Restored m2 3200

Trees Planted 949

Carbon Sequestered in Tonnes 237

Funded by Clean Energy Queensland, Reforest Now, Qudos Bank, Sol Cleanse, Maddy Gray

Atherton feature 2.jpg

Expanding bird habitat in the Tablelands

Ecological importance 

The site has had over 100,000 trees planted in effort to expand suitable habitat for over 40 species of birds that live in the Lake Barrine area, which is a highly restricted habitat space. This was our first planting on this site we will continue to work here in the future to continue the existing efforts here. 

Site considerations

The considerations made specific to the site were high sun exposure on exposed hilltop, and requested restricted cattle access as essential to survival of trees.

Atherton feature 3.jpg
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