ReForest Now Planting Project

Daintree Rainforest QLD

Planting Period  December 2018- April2019  Project Status Closed

Area Restored m2

Trees Planted

Carbon Sequestered in tonnes


15, 000  


Savings the Iconic Cassowary ; Replanting Cassowary habitat and tree species

Ecological importance 

It has been estimated that only 4,500 Cassowaries remain in the Wet Tropics in Far North Queensland. The Queensland and federal governments have both listed the species as Endangered (NCA 1992, EPBC). This has occurred largely due to the loss of lowland tropical rainforest, car strikes and dog attacks which have all resulted in declines in the species. Cape Tribulation section of the Daintree rainforest is 1 of 6 important Cassowary conservation areas and supports a local population of around 103 Cassowaries. ReForest Now has partnered with Daintree Life and Douglas Shire Council to close unneeded roads in the Daintree. These have been closed and converted back to rainforest with a focus on native rainforest trees that provide food for Cassowaries.

Site considerations

Expand Cassowary habitat. Provide food tree species for Cassowaries. Reduce human impact/pollution in the Daintree.Support 48 local endangered species through increased habitat.

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