ReForest Now Planting Project Map

Federl (1), New South Wales

GPS -28.638784, 153.482019
Planting Date  04/2020  
Project Status Ongoing
Area Restored m2 5000
Trees Planted 2920
Carbon Sequestered in Tonnes 375
Funded by Ecosia, Santos Organics, Rainforest 4 Foundation, Fresh Prince Studios, Reforest Now. 

Reforesting to connect remnant rainforest fragments

Ecological importance 

This unused paddock is in the process of being converted to rainforest on a long steep slope running into rainforest creek. High native resilience around and at the bottom of the site. The site will natural regenerate to some degree if worked hard for the next 3 years. Some very old stranger fig trees and others on the land. This is a catchment site for orographic updraft if done fully and completely it will increase water catchment significantly and raise the creek level. Part of a much larger project to restore creek function and connect existing rainforest fragments on either side of the paddock.