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ReForest Now was only two years old as of June 2020. In 2018 we started building our first nursery with what materials we could afford and find. We could grow and plant a few hundred at a time, and at this stage we could grow 80,000 trees a year. 

We reached a milestone of 40,000 trees planted this year. We have so much more to give.
Our new goal is to plant 70,000 trees each and every year.

In 2019-2020 we introduced a business partnership program and a tree donation portal on our website. Because of these two elements alone, we raised $49,165.67. That's 9,833 trees donated directly from businesses and individuals. 


2019-2020 IN FIGURES

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Ecological Restorations Officer Maximo B

"What a year it's been for Reforest Now!

Our overall vision is to primarily plant rainforest trees to restore the size, area and weight of rainforests on the Earth.

With rainforest this is more complex to achieve than more basic ecosystem restoration elsewhere in Australia as there are so many species to consider and more care required in collection, propagation, growth, planting and establishment. Rainforest is technical work.

This work would not be possible without the ongoing and newfound support of individuals, organisations, and businesses who share our vision. Thank you to you all. 

Internally, our team has grown to form a tight crew in the nursery, in the field, and administration. 

We are more ready than ever to continue our vision and see this region as rainforest once again."



"It’s been a huge year for ReForest Now in many ways. Having discovered there was indeed a large niche to be filled in the space we’d created, we quickly became aware that we needed to scale up our operation to meet demands, produce and plant

more trees. 


As with any quick growth, there are always growing pains, and we’ve experienced our share of difficulties. Increasing our output, expanding our nursery and employing an increasing number of staff has not been easy, but it has been immensely satisfying.


The year ahead promises to be another period of growth, with many new partnerships to be formed, growth of our social media presence and global reach, and ultimately increasing our capacity to both plant trees and engage in assisted natural regeneration of existing rainforest."