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The logo is a scientific/art story. In a world of simple logos we wanted
to create something different with embedded meaning. Starting at
the middle - At the centre of life is solar energy, there is no life
without the sun. The energy of the sun then must meet with
water to stimulate life. We sampled the blue colouration from
the appearance of the Earth from the famous image taken
by Carl Sagan from the voyager spacecraft (known as the
'Pale Blue Dot'). From far in space, all one can see is the blue
waters of our oceans. 
From this water, autotrophs (plants and algae)
can create energy. They are the first source of food energy on Earth, the ones who derive their life from water and the sun and feed life to all others. 
Beyond them are the smaller life forms, the insects, the butterflies and the other essential smaller creatures who create the living biome. Note these small creatures are positioned in 12 hour clock positions. This is to demonstrate that as biodiversity is lost at the insect level, all biodiversity is at risk of collapse, and as they disappear, time runs out for higher life. Thus we must watch and protect the web of life. Finally our 'inverted Earth' is wrapped in an atmosphere of wooden trunks, to say that trees help to maintain the carbon balance. We need to protect and plant them to hold our atmosphere, and to help hold our Earth together.

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