ReForest Now Planting Project

Wilsons Creek, New South Wales

Area Restored m2

800, 000  

Planting Period  2019  Project Status Ongoing

Trees Planted


Carbon Sequestered in tonnes


Pink Underwing moth and Small Leaved Tamarind; Creating a safe haven for the highly endangered through restoring cleared land back to rainforest. 

Ecological importance 

Existing efforts by the landholder has seen a remarkable recovery from waterways and mountain sides clogged entirely with lantana, transition excellent regenerating rainforest. An incredible recent discovery on the property has sparked ReForest Now to engage and assist, as the Pink Underwing Moth was discovered there, having hypothetically flown from the Richmond Ranges 30 kilometres away, over the great escarpments of the Wollumbin Caldera. This species is recognised as endangered by NSW, QLD and federal government. Additionally, the site has been selected as the home to the most genetically diverse collection of the endangered (by NSW, QLD and gov) Small Leaved Tamarind trees.

Project Donors


Site considerations

Increase rainforest area by 1 hectare.Create a genetically diverse population of the endangered Small Leaved Tamarind.

Support the survival of the Pink Underwing Moth by host vine plantings.

Support over 20 endangered species in the wilsons creek area by expanding their habitat.
RN has collected the host vine for the Pink Underwing Moth and Small Leaved Tamarinds from far and wide and will reseed from our site at the top of the water catchment to see the species recolonise the large waterway downstream into Mullumbimby. All of this is being supported by large scale and ongoing rainforest tree plantings to create habitat and support for both of these endangered species. We would like to see the proliferation of both species reclaiming the resilient regenerating landscape of Wilsons Creek as a new home.

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