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Myocum, New South Wales

Area Restored m2

10, 000  

Planting Period  2019  Project Status Ongoing

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A rainforest corridor from Mullumbimby to Byron Bay; Reforesting cow paddocks back to rainforest.

Ecological importance 

The Byron Bay region is known for its wonderful beaches and its rainforest remnants, remnants of just 1% of the former forest. One area particularly devastated was the area of Myocum between Byron Bay and Mullumbimby. It’s water catching hillsides, moist soils and large fertile spaces have been left all but bare, leaving very little in the way of a stepping stone for native birds, let alone other creatures.

We have committed to the creation of a rainforest belt through the region and are working with several landholders to plant tens of thousands of trees over the coming years to reconnect and regenerate the landscape. By doing so we will generate a local seed bank that will support regeneration through the Myocum area and beyond.

The considerations made specific to the site were to return this cow paddock back to rainforest, increase local microclimate, create a wildlife corridor between two remnant rainforest patches and stabilise the surrounding creeks by planting alongside creeks to encourage wetness and waterflow. 

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