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ReForest Now Project

Tree Nursery

The ReForest Now tree nursery, Mullumbimby

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Nursery Tunnels Built


Project Summary

ReForest Now’s volunteer rainforest tree nursery at the Mullum SEED site (adjacent to the Mullumbimby Community Gardens site) was established in 2018 with the support of Santos Organics. Since then, it has developed a strong and stable volunteer basis with 15-20 volunteers working there every week. It is constantly expanding and now houses 23, 000 plants and several endangered species (such as small leaved tamarinds, pink underwing moth vine and birdwing vine). Our tunnels and hardening off area have reached 340 square meters of plant growing area.

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Trees Grown in Nursery



Mullumbimby, Northern New South Wales

Project Status


Project Partners

Santos Organics.
Rainforest 4 Foundation.
Mullum SEED.
Mullumbimby Community Gardens. 


Cassowarius johnsonii, 112 species of rainforest trees planted in January 2019. 84 species of rainforest trees planted in April 2019.

Project Goals

Our rainforest tree nursery allows us to engage around 15-20 volunteers per week and 50 or more at our community tree planting events. It was created to keep the costs of reforestation down and allows us to achieve greater outcomes, with each dollar received.

We are constantly improving and expanding on our infrastructure to allow our volunteer base to create more trees and are aiming to add 170 square meters to the nursery before the end of 2019. We are growing and aiming to produce over 50, 000 trees per year by early 2021.


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