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Reforest Now was founded with nothing short of an enormously ambitious goal. In 2017 we set out to turn every unused paddock in the Byron Shire (Northern NSW) back into rainforest. Today we have reached a small milestone we are proud of. We know we have a long way to go but cannot help but celebrate where we are today and everything that has gone into it. Today we have planted 30,000 trees! And the year isn’t even half way through. With the support of individual donors, volunteers, business partners, and organisations we have reached this milestone. 30,000 trees is 16 hectares reforested. That is 16 unused hectares of paddock or of weed over-run land that now is home to a diverse range of native subtropical trees grown right here in our own nursery from the love and hard work of our team and the countless volunteers who show up week after week to help us grow these trees. While it is only a drop in the ocean (or 16 hectares of thousands of unused paddocks) we can put this in another perspective. 30,000 trees is over 5500 tones of carbon sequestered over the trees lifetime. If the average resident in the Northern Rivers emits 7.6 tonnes CO2-e emitted per year these trees will offset approximately 724 people for an entire year, roughly 240 families. We set ambitious goals as the rainforest region of Australia needs it. This area is home to a bountiful array of species, it supports weather patterns in the region, and it helps us survive. We are honoured to contribute to the conservation of this land and the species within and we are honoured to this on behalf of every single person who has donated. Thank you to everyone who has worked together to achieve this. RN