In April 2020 Reforest Now planted a total of 4403 trees across the Byron Shire region of Northern NSW Australia.

497 trees for March website donors (See list of names below!) - To Federal NSW

260 for Maddy Grant - To Federal NSW

246 for Qudos Bank - To Federal NSW

504 for Santos Organics - To the fire affected site of Wanganui near Mullumbimby

329 for Rainforest 4 - To Federal NSW

2567 for Ecosia - To Federal, Wanganui, & Mullumbimby NSW

Thank you to the above donors and our community for supporting our vision in reforestation and rainforest conservation. Web donor trees planted this month (some names not provided with donations)

N. Postel-Vinay L. Marino J. Gilmore C .Bessiere C .Liu J. Coulstock Brisick H. EvansM. Lickova A. Melzer LJT Beard D. Moran RE. Thomlinson M. Jones K. Martinovich J. Willis ML. McLaws P. CoxI G. Dobson R. Imhoff A. Armes V. O'Riordan E. Stickney M. Cleary C. Charley P. Williams R. Lawrence JM. Lowe P. Beitz A. Peden K.Fol M. Lilly AABH. Mohammad M. Tomes T. Karyuichi F. Reinbold