Nursery Expansion - Building a Fourth Tunnel in 2020

The Fourth nursery tunnel construction is well underway despite the heavy rains we have experienced over the last few weeks since the fires.

This tunnel alone will hold approximately 18,000 trees and produce 54,000 per year trees yearly to go locally to cleared rainforest areas. It will increase our total yearly output to an incredible 138,000 trees from our current yearly output of 28,000.

This expansion will bring these thousands of trees into the surrounding region of the Byron Shire to reforest cleared rainforest, it will also help us to employ more local staff and local people in the growing and planting process, and protect a greater number of vulnerable and endangered tree, vine, and shrub species.

A mix of 100+ rainforest tree, vine, and shrub species will grow here. Many endangered and critically endangered species are prioritised along with species that provide food and habitat for animals, birds and insects.

Every $5 that is donated plants a tree and includes everything from growing it inside these nursery tunnels, transport, labour, planting, and reporting. Your generosity keeps us doing our thing and sees this rainforest expand and diversify.

Thank you Patagonia and Southern Cross Credit Union for the generous funding to building this nursery tunnel. Last year we won a grant from Patagonia communities and SCCU we wereable to combine these grants to increase the size and capacity of the nursery plans.


ReForest Now is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities

and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

ABN: 40887914802

NSW License Number: CFN 24812