ReForest Now finds state and national listings for endangered species bigger than expected

In terms of determining which species are at risk of extinction, the Australian government studies species on the national (EPBC) and state level (NCA for QLD) and (BCA for NSW).

We have found that the Big Scrub Region, when padded out with a 30 kilometre radius contains 122 Endangered or Critically Endangered species! That doesn't even count the Vulnerable! This is due to the complex mix of ecosystems that occured in the NNSW area, including many types of rainforest, coastal ecosystems, and alliance ecosystems border this former 75, 000 hectare Big Scrub Rainforest.

Every species listed here is Endagered or Critically Endangered and every one has been cross referenced and GPS checked as being of the above statuses with either BCA or EPBC and present in this region.