Volunteer Spotlight - Josh Fry-Hall

Josh has been a backbone part of our team long before ReForest Now was founded.

His accomplishments and engagement since 2015 are staggering, including;

*Design of field equipment for scientific studies at SCU.

*Field assistance in the collection of DNA samples for 284 samples of rainforest trees for genetic analysis over 2 years (see genetics lecture under video section).

*Augering, tree planting and field studies for over 10, 000 trees in Far North Queensland.

*Tour guiding for volunteers in the Daintree.

*Nursery construction in the Daintree in 2017.

*Wildling collection of several thousand trees.

*In September of 2018, Josh was a major ingredient in making our NNSW nursery happen - working beside us for 15 days straight to get it built on time.

ReForest Now operates on the basis that sometimes everyone is volunteering, sometimes some of our core members are paid. For high profile volunteers like Josh we move further and further towards offsetting costs and offering contract work to show our thanks and make our engagement sustainable. We're expecting to offer Josh; flights, accommodation, food and income for our upcoming Daintree tree planting trip in January 2019.

Over the coming two years, we will be looking for funding from our community to create sustainable employment for Josh, so we can nick him from his current full time work (shh).

Thank you good friend and see you soon!