Endangered species of the Big Scrub Region

For years, we have heard conflicting figures of the actual number of endangered species in the northern rivers of NSW, the former big scrub rainforest region.

ReForest Now has painstaking cross referenced all state and federal government records for the region, padded out an by additional 20 kilometre radius to the former big scrub that existed between dunnon, byron and ballina. What we found was astonishing, 122 Endangered or Critically Endangered species. This does NOT include Vulnerable species. Many of these exist in the former rainforest, or in adjacent connected ecosystems on its periphery, those not found in the rainforest proper were primarily detected south towards to Ballina and North towards Pottsvile or the southern side of the border ranges.

What is, and Where is the Big Scrub Region? 


The Big Scrub was the largest area of subtropical lowland rainforest in eastern Australia. It was intensively cleared for agricultural use in the 19th century by colonists. Only a few remnants survived the clearing, with less than 1% now existing.

Located on the North Coast of New South Wales, between what is now the towns of Byron Bay (east) and Lismore (west), the core Big Scrub area consisted of an estimated 900 square kilometres of subtropical rainforest. It primarily grows on fertile basalt and floodplain derived soils.

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