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Mullumbimby Steiner School

Planting Period  2020  Project Status Completed

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School children engagement with reforestation and endangered species conservation.

Ecological importance 

Our plantings at the Mullumbimby Steiner School have been completed for the purposes of restoring riparian rainforest along the creek that runs through the middle of the school. Riparian restoration is important for various reasons; reduced evaporation for sun exposure on waterways, support of high numbers of endangered species that live along waterways (rainforest waterways typically have the highest diversity within rainforests), support aquatic ecosystems often unconsidered by restoring creek function, increase filtration and water storage adjacent to the creek which increases the water retention of the surrounding soil all year round. 

2000 trees were planted along the existing creek. The school has already planted thousands of trees along the creek (up to 7 years of age). This planting was this years contribution to the growing rainforest at Mullumbimby Steiner School. 

The considerations made specific to the site were to work around the school hours and prepare the site in stages so the school kids had time to plant behind us. They planted around 150-300 at one time meaning it was not a one-day planting. 

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