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Wanganui, NSW 

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Planting Period  2020  Project Status Closed

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Reforesting burnt sites before invasive weeds take over

Ecological importance 

In December 2019 and January 2020 the Australian bushfires burnt through remnant rainforest in the Byron Shire. This site in Wanganui, inland from Byron Bay, was badly affected. Heavily burnt and complelety destroyed, this site on steep rocky terrain is still of high ecological importance with old rainforest trees looming overhead and with a running creek close by. We planted densely to counter for heavy weed invasion since fires.

It was essential that we acted quickly on these burnt sites. Invasive and fast growing weeds take over burnt areas in a matter of weeks making it almost impossible for native seedlings to establish themselves through thick weed vine shrubs. 

The considerations made specific to the site were to slash and kill all invasive weeds and their roots prior to planting to make long-term maintenance easier and the change of survival for young seedlings easier. 

Site considerations

Project Donors


In January 2020 we partnered with Ecosia who funded over 26,000 trees primarily for burnt sites across northern NSW. We planted 1703 of Ecosia trees here. Santos Organics is another ongoing partner who funded 503 of these trees. 

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