Here you can find every tree planted by any level of donation. For brevity they are reduced to just the month they were planted in.

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-Last updated 3rd November 2020-  

October 2020


1,512 more rainforest trees planted on the 21st of October for our donors - 568 for Go-To Skin Care 500 for Rainforest 4 321 for our website donors in Septemeber - you guys are listed below! 100 for Talenza, 18 for Kaola Clothing 4 for Simply Ethical Advice and 1 for Jasmine Coe Artist

Across the 14th and 16th of October we planted another 2, 949 rainforest trees - 2,540 for Ecosia and 409 for our exciting new partner Go-To Skin Care

Week of 11th October - 3, 017 for search engine Ecosia

October 3rd - 4,041 rainforest trees planted this week across Dunoon, Mullumbimby and Federal near Byron Bay! 

304 trees planted for our website donors from July *listed*, 257 for website donors in August *, 250 for Audrey Carpentier and her primary school students in Strasburg - France, 14 for Jasmine Coe Artist , 321 for RegrowAustralia , 151 for Rainforest 4 for July donations, 155 for Talenza , 60 for Undicloth , 50 for Sol Cups

, 31 for The Foot Collective and a whopping 1, 043 for Ecosia and 1,405 for Treehuggers Bracelets 

Those website tree donors are all listed below;

July donors from our website

N Postel-Vinay A Bairstow J Gilmore C Liu L J T Beard M K Jones C Samurkas L Marino C Bessiere M Lickova

A Melzer D J Moran RE Thomlinson K Martinovich P Cox l gotvik dobson R Imhoff P Williams

J P Coulstock Brisick S C Reardon K Kim Anthes A Armes V O'riordan M Cleary Dr J M Lowe

L T Thorley J M Tammaro D wilson S Yat Fai

August donors from our website

D Amarina R palmer S Mehnke N Postel-Vinay A Bairstow L Marino M Ghaly M Austin S Boucquey

J Gilmore C Bessiere C Liu P Meinert F Wing M Lickova A Melzer L J T Beard D J Moran RE Thomlinson

I Vopenkova J Hewett X Ehmer-Kretzschmar M Lilly D Rampazzo K Martinovich R Imhoff

C Samurkas M Bonner J M Tammaro Dr M K Jones R Lawrence P Cox P Lloyd l gotvik dobson

R Imhoff C Beyer A Armes B Peters M Cleary C Stolfi M Killips P Williams J Wilkins M Kretschmer

J Kearney D Porcheddu Dr J M Lowe 














July 2020

2, 350 rainforest trees planted this week for donors! 747 for Santos Organics for fire recovery, 595 for Treehuggers Bracelets, 20 for Prana Skin Co, 21 for Rainforest 4 , 69 for The Foot Collective and a whopping 898 trees for our website donors between March and June! Those who gave their names are listed below.


April donors-

A. Angela A. Melzer A.A.B.H. Mohammed C. Bessiere C. Charley C. Hiley C.S.A. Murkas D.J.M. Moran

F. Portentoso G. Osmze I.Looi J. Brisick J. Lowe J. Rodriques K. Martinovich L. Beard L. Thorley

L.Ickova Linda @ Sprout Nutrition M. Jones M. Read N. Chap N. Cornish N. Schinko P. Cox P. Williams

R. Imhoff R. Lawrence R. Thomlinson R.F. Hutchens S.C.L. Reardon V.O. Riordan +plus 19 unnamed.


May donors-

A Amsyar A. Armes A. Bairstow A. Melzer C. Bessiere C. Charley C. Liu C. Samurkas D. Moran IG Dobson

J. Brisick J. Gilmore J. Lowe K. Martinovich L. Marino LT Thorley M. Beard M. Cleary M. Lickova

MK Jones N Postel-Vilay N. Fitzgerald P. Cox P. Williams R. Imhoff R. Imhoff RE. Thomlinson S. Brennan

S. Reardon T. Liao V O'riordian WB Wheaton D. Jeffreys +plus 20 unnamed.


June donors-

A. Amsyar A. Armes A. Bairstow A. Melzer A. Riva C. Bessiere C. Liu C. Samurkas DJ Moran IG Dobson

J. Christie J. Gilmore JM Lowe JPC Brisick K. Martinovich L. Marino LT Thorley LTJ Beard M. Cleary

M. Lickova M. Raaj MK Jones N. Postel-Vinay NA Mitchell P. Cox P. Williams R. Imhoff RE Thomlinson

SC Reardon V. O'Riordan R. Imhoff P. Williams JP Coulstock Brisick SC Reardon A. Amyar A. Armes

V. O'riordan M. Cleary JM Lowe LT Thorley M. Raaj A. Riva J Christie

+plus 3 unnamed.


June 2020

June 21st - Bless this long wet season, we're still able to plant in bulk in June! 2,040 rainforest trees planted this week for Rainforest 4 (193 trees), Tigmi Trading

(20 trees) and Ecosia (1827 trees).

June 11th - 2,668 rainforest trees planted over a very rainy monday to wednesday this week for green search engine Ecosia ! Go team! The trees were planted across sites in Federal (where we widened an existing rainforest riparian zone) and Myocum (where we started a new riparian rainforest zone on paddock).

June 7th - 

1,579 rainforest trees were planted for green search engine Ecosia at sites in Federal and Goonengerry near Byron Bay this week.
















May 2020

May 30th - 

749 trees planted in burnt Wanganui, NNSW this week for donor not for profit Santos Organics, this was part of our joint response to the bush fires in the rainforest, as large areas burnt in 2019.

May 2nd - 1,520 trees planted this week for donors Ecosia 526, ReForest Now website donors 497 (you're all listed below!), star donor M Grant 260, Qudos Bank 85 and Rainforest 4 with 152 trees!

If you were a ReForest Now website donor in March, your name was private or listed below;

N. Postel-Vinay L. Marino J. Gilmore C .Bessiere C .Liu J. Coulstock Brisick H. Evans M. Lickova A. Melzer

LJT Beard D. Moran RE. Thomlinson M. Jones K. Martinovich J. Willis ML. McLaws P. Cox IG. Dobson

R. Imhoff A. Armes V. O'Riordan E. Stickney M. Cleary C. Charley P. Williams R. Lawrence JM. Lowe

P. Beitz A. Peden K.Fol M. Lilly AABH. Mohammad M. Tomes T. Karyuichi F. Reinbold



April 2020

April 26th - 1,034 rainforest trees planted for donors this week - that's 504 for Santos Organics in fire affected Wanganui near Mullumbimby - 329 for Rainforest 4 162 for Qudos Bank and 40 for star Donor M.Grant in Federal near Byron Bay.

April 19th - 2,389 trees planted this week for Ecosia in Federal near Byron Bay.

April 1st - 945 more rainforest trees planted around the remains of burnt trees in Wanganui yesterday for Ecosia.



March 2020

March 27th - 757 rainforest trees planted in burnt Wanganui, Wilsons Creek this week for Ecosia.

March 23rd - 3, 000 rainforest trees planted. To the donors - we'd like to thank Treehuggers Bracelets for donating a whopping 1,500 trees, 750 trees for the Bushfire Appeal (Rainforest 4 ReForest Now and BeardsOn) 500 trees for Qudos Bank and 250 trees for Ecosia.

March 16th - 2, 000 trees planted with students at Shearwater, the Mullumbimby Steiner School ! That's 500 for the school, 521 for Qudos Bank and 979 for Ecosia! Thanks to Rainforest 4 for supporting the project and supplying mulch!

March 11th - 2479 trees have been planted on behalf of several donors! The bushfire appeal between Rainforest 4 ReForest Now and BeardsOn (750 trees). ReForest Now website donors (250 trees) and Ecosia (1479 trees). Thank you everyone for your support!

March 11th - 3, 000 trees planted by ReForest Now in the Mossman Gorge in Far North Queensland. Completed on behalf of the Foundation for Australia's Most Endangered Species Ltd

March 11th -  949 trees planted by ReForest Now for our website donors (439 trees) Qudos Bank (430 trees)

Clean Energy Qld (40 trees) and star donor Maddy G (40 trees) in the Atherton Tablelands. Completed with the support of Rainforest Reserves Australia who supplied the trees and Rainforest 4 for teeing this up and seeing the trees maintained to maturity! Thank you all! - details below for website donors. If you donated to us on in February, your name was;

Sarah P, Brydi M, Imogen D, Caitlin W - Australia

David W, Natasha G - Great Britan

Gisela S - Germany

Erick M, Eric W, Shawna E, Leanne S - Canada

Pierre M, Vanessa R, SJL Beckers, Serdal P - Netherlands

Max K, New Zealand

Diletta P - Italy

There were 38 private donors whose name and country was not declared.

*Big thanks to* Serdal P - NLD



February 2020

Feb 13th - 500 more rainforest trees planted today in Mullumbimby - 300 for Sol Cleanse (that's 525 in 5 days for you guys!) and 200 for Rainforest 4 Santos Organics and Blank GC Thanks all!

Feb 11th - The planting of 3,000 trees, 1,500 additional regenerated naturally, 200 Carronia vines and 30 Birdwing vines.

Feb 8th - 1,450 rainforest trees planted by partners Rainforest 4 and ReForest Now today to recover half a hectare of riparian forest at Cromwell Farms. We are very grateful for volunteers being so persistent despite the rained in holes... Thank you R4 for donating towards 160 trees - Sol Cleanse for donating for 225 trees and 1,065 trees from our website donors over January, your first names and countries are listed below!

Australia: Gail, Murray, Federica, Felipe, Cody, Nadezhda, Francois

Bulgaria: Plamen

Belarus: Madhi

Canada: Charles-Emile

Switzerland: Elsa

Germany: Leander, Angela, Maxim, Manon, Chris, Paul, Stefan, Yvonne, Rabea-Maria, Filiz, Franziska, Mark, Sabine, Falk

Spain: Alexander

France: Bruna, Delphine, Angie, Emmanuel, Janine

Britain: Marcin, David, Ashleigh

Italy: Antonio, Giulia

Netherlands: Serdal, Serdal, Brigitta

New Zealand: Maddy

Portugal: Pedro

Sweden: Hans, Giovanni, Melinda

33 from private names/countries.

Feb 5th - 390 more trees planted in Tuesday's heavy rain in Wanganui and Wilson's Creek. 212 for website donors, 98 for BARE FOOT BEAT and 80 for Foundation for Australia's Most Endangered Species Ltd

Feb 1st - The week we've planted 1,420 trees for Foundation for Australia's Most Endangered Species Ltd in upper wilson's creek NNSW.

January 2020

January 20th - On Saturday volunteers planted 530 rainforest trees and shrubs at Saltwater Creek adjacent to the Mullumbimby Community Gardens, in Byron Shire. We celebrated the breaking of the drought with rain bucketing down and more than 130 mm of rainfall. The event was organised by Nadia de Sousa Pietramale of Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare to honour rainforest philanthropist Martin Kantor and to show "water gratitude" to the plants, as trees make rain. We supported and collaborated with Nadia by augering holes and supplying over 400 trees from our nursery for her project.