We imagine a world where communities and nations reforest cleared land and sustainably manage forests for the benefit of our climate, our environment and humanity.



Each member of the ReForest Now team brings their own conservation experience to form a team of complementary skills and perspectives.

Our team has worked as seed collectors, nurserymen, or rainforest regenerators before coming to RN. We retain two scientists with research histories in rainforest genetics, endangered species conservation, bioprecipitation, environmental management and communications to continue our research and educational outputs we make publicly available. 


Co-Founder & President

Maximo has been an active environmentalist since 2001. He has worked for Greenpeace, Rainforest Rescue, Rainforest Trust Australia and operated a private rainforest regeneration business for 13 years. In this same time frame, he received two science related bachelor degrees from SCU and First Class Honours for his research into the genetic diversity of rainforest trees. His research into Byron Bay’s rainforest tree nurseries, inbreeding, landscape fragmentation, genetic diversity and bioprecipitation, have all been pressing realisations that have motivated his work in NNSW and FNQ.



Michael has been a rainforest regenerator for the last decade. He has also been a contractor to Rainforest Trust Australia in developing a rainforest tree nursery in the Daintree, Michael has accrued a considerable set of trades skills that has enabled him with competencies and interests in; plants, tools, agricultural chemicals, as well as an exhaustive list of heavy machinery and vehicle skills. His rounded trade’s expertise make him an essential component to our team. Being a new father has given Michael an even greater sense that we need to come together now to make a serious commitment to the future of our planet.


Director of Strategy

Kim’s background in corporate business allows him to assist RN with future planning, decision making, business sense and problem solving. His contributions are made ensuring that major steering decisions for the organization are complemented by his considerable experience.


Youth Director & Field 

One of two youth directors, Josh initially completed work experience trips to the Daintree rainforest and soon became an essential part of the team. He has assisted the organization in everything from philanthropic support, site assessments, tree planting, rainforest regeneration, nursery construction, wildling and seedling collection, potting up and more. 


Youth Director, Videography & Logistics

One of two youth directors, Odin has supported RN in the construction of the nursery from day 1 in construction, layout and design. He continues to contribute to organizational planning, logistics, photography, nursery work and drone video.


Nursery and Field 

Although Tashi would speak humbly of her experience in rainforest regeneration, she’s worked in the field for 10 years and played an important role in establishing the RN nursery since October 2018, being a regular contributor to structural upgrades and plant care. Tashi is also active in tree planting events and organizational support.


Logistics and Support

Has a background in logistics and has gone from home gardener to permaculture student. He loves working with nature and helping repair native ecosystems. At RN Zac is involved in building, upgrading and maintaining our nursery, rainforest regeneration and site prep, augering, tree planting and volunteer management.


Nursery and Volunteer Manager

Elise comes to RN with a background in permaculture and is an accomplished nurseryman. She's a plant enthusiast and loves getting dirty in the nursery, her role at ReForest Now includes, operating our nursery and guiding our volunteers at our community tree planting events.  


Partnerships and Communications Manager

As the partnership and communications manager Zia has brought a background in environmental science and environmental management and communications having studied in Australia and Sweden. A lover of nature and a passionate communicator of the importance of nature for our wellbeing and for the Earth. 



Thank you to the following partners for your contribution to our efforts in reforestation


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