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About us

The RN crew have brought a new wave of energy and passion to regeneration in Australia since 2018. We are always ready and willing to take on the next big project.

We've created a not-for-profit model that meets all of its own service needs and thus genuinely achieves large-scale outcomes without diluting the funding we receive from our supporters. 

We enable people and businesses to not just have their voices heard but to have Earth-saving actions taken on their behalf. 

What we do
What we do

Tree planting

We engage landholders of suitable sites that need reforestation. After site inspections, preparation and ecological planning, our reforesting team gets to work.

Landholders typically contribute funding and are met with a percentage of support via our donors.


A vital component of our projects, plantings are maintained by our team until they are established and self-sufficient at fighting weed competition.

Landholders contribute to maintenance costs which are required for at least 3 years.

Rainforest regeneration 

Bush regeneration is the rehabilitation of bushland from a weed-affected or otherwise degraded area to a healthier community of native plants and animals. We are working within critically endangered rainforest, including remnants of the original Big Scrub, of which only 1% remains. 


Covering the needs of; bush regeneration, camphor drilling, tree planting, maintenance, administration, nursery and seed collectors is quite a challenging role. 

As such, we have a department that man
ages, supply, repair, logistics and requisitions of all those needs.

Reporting & Administration

Our organisation upholds strong reporting, accountability and transparency for our supporters and partners. Donors can see their name and the location of all trees planted in our detailed tree register called Find My Trees.

Our organisation’s small but qualified administration team covers everything from strategy and planning, to partnership management, grant writing, financial management, donor engagement, scientific research, and communications.

Rainforest nursery

We grow over 130,000 rainforest trees and plants per year of over 115 varieties. Our professional seed collectors have a strong focus on species and genetic diversity, with priority for those that are threatened with extinction. We have everything from creekside shrubs to emergent trees that grow 60m tall and extend high above the rainforest canopy, allowing our plantings to establish into complex, diverse rainforests. 

Board of directors

Board of directors

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 2.26.10 pm.png

Maximo Bottaro
Cert III nat, Bsc, Bclin, Hons 1st


Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 2.24.14 pm.png

Josh Fry-Hall

Deputy Chairperson

Kim O'Sullivan

Odin Runga-Covington

Founding Director

Founding Director

Podcasts and interviews

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Donating directly to us helps the organisation grow. When donations are made that are not for planting trees we use these funds to scale our operations, such as purchasing essential equipment and expanding our nursery.

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