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- September 5, 2022 update -
We are currently undertaking a mega project called Banyula (Place of many trees) - We're planting 300, 000 rainforest trees of ~200 different species. The planting site runs along 7 kilometres of the Wilsons River in Clunes NSW, near Byron Bay.

Banyula is adjacent to an ancient rainforest remnant called 'Booyong Nature Reserve', which itself contains an astonishing 161 species of flora. This project will see the area of rainforest here expand from 17 ha to over 100 ha.

By giving trees you are reforesting cleared land where rainforest once stood. 
Give once or monthly for $5 per tree.


Why plant with us?

  • We grow over 100 species in our nursery and prioritise threatened species

  • We plant diverse, complex rainforest (from creekside shrubs to emergent trees that extend high above the canopy). 

  • Fighting climate change - Subtropical rainforests have huge carbon storage capacity and mitigating functions to reduce the severity of bushfires and floods.

  • Our experienced team maintain attention to what are often forgotten aspects of reforestation, such as genetic diversity. As a collective, we have a wide spectrum of knowledge that allows us to make highly informed ecological decisions.  

  • We have a record of achieving high survival rates. We add a generous scoop of water crystals/fertiliser to each hole, giving saplings access to an adequate supply of water and nutrients in their early stages. 

  • We publicly list every single tree, offering a transparent way to get involved!


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