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240,000+  trees planted
6,000+ trees infill
to repair flood/frost damage to a previous planting
6.2ha forest regeneration

This nationally significant planting adjoins the very special Booyong Nature Reserve. It will see 300,000 native rainforest trees, shrubs and vines planted and over 200 species utilised.

2001 we faced historic flooding across Eastern Australia. The Northern Rivers was hit hard, with the Wilsons River in Lismore reaching its highest-ever peak of 14.4m.


This project is crucial for building community resilience against future flooding. Rainforests have powerful mitigating functions that can protect communities against the increasing number of severe disasters we face, such as droughts, bushfires and floods.


How do rainforests help?

  • Rainforest root systems form strong barriers against floodwaters.

  • Roots prevent soil silting in creek/river beds and increase water-holding capacity.

  • Rainforests retain large amounts of water and release it slowly throughout the year.

Booyung Nature Reserve

Booyong Nature Reserve is an ecologically-significant rainforest remnant of the former "Big Scrub". The site escaped the widespread clearing by early European settlers that saw most of the Big Scrub rainforest converted to agricultural land. Less than 1% remains.


There is a very high probability of multiple threatened species within this community, such as:

  • Richmond Birdwing Butterfly (pictured)

  • Platypus

  • Red Lilly Pilly

  • Thorny Pea

  • Brush Sauropus

  • Isoglossa

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