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We work with businesses, organisations, and companies who share our vision of reforestation and rainforest conservation. 

If you want to make an impact we can plant trees on behalf of your business and customers.

Your trees will be part of our projects in Northern NSW, Australia. 

There are many ways to get involved and plant trees



Plant a tree for every product sold, donate a percentage of sales,
or donate trees monthly

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Employee engagement through
funding and partaking in a planting
with your staff

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Start a fundraiser or campaign
and raise trees!

By working with us you are...


Supporting biodiversity
and endandered species


Enhancing ecosystem


Reforesting burnt sites in
Northern NSW, AUS

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Addressing climate change
through CO2 sequestration

Some of our fabulous partners and their contribution


Maddy is an Australian meditation and yoga teacher living in Italy. Maddy has donated over 300 trees to RN which have gone to reforesting burnt sites in northern NSW and to turning paddocks back into rainforest. 

Maddy has held fundraisers in Italy with her community to raise funds during the fires.


Santos Organics is a local organics produce and fresh food store. Santos has been supporting our work from our establishment through awarding RN three grants. 

The Santos grants have been used to build part of our nursery where our trees are grown and to planting over 2000 trees in the Byron Shire. The 2020 grant will be used to reforest a burnt site in Wanganui. 


We are a proud partner of Ecosia the incredible initiative to plant trees through internet searches. 

We partnered with Ecosia to plant trees on behalf of their community. 

In January 2020 over 26,000 trees were funded through a single day of Ecosia web engine searches. These trees will go primarily to burnt sites across northern NSW. 

How do we get started on a partnership?

A partnership is different for everyone depending on how you want to raise money for trees and your goals.

Every $5 = 1 tree planted. This cost includes everything from seed collection, growing, planting, and reporting. 

*Trees are maintained through other means not included in this $5.00.
*Maintenance is usually funded by the landholder themselves or otherwise specified.
*Trees are usually maintained by our certified and trained team internally (occasionally via MoU landholders are responsible for own care, provided they meet requirements).

As a partner you can donate any amount at any interval. 

Step 1: Fill in the expression of interest form below


Partnership Expression of Interest

Thanks for submitting!

Step 2: We will be in touch to discuss this and confirm a partnership. 

Step 3: When we are both happy with the arrangement we send you material for you to use. 

Step 4: Funds are raised and transferred to us. Every $5 plants one tree. 

Step 5: We assign these trees to a planting site and plant within 3 months of donation. 

Step 6: We provide photos and documentation of the planting. 



Want to know more or have a question?

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