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From $5.00 for 1 tree planted

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We grow around 150 subtropical rainforest species at our own nursery in Mullumbimby. We ensure high genetic diversity to build a resilient rainforest for the future. The trees come out of our nursery large and strong and are usually planted within 2 months of donation. 

We maintain high survival rates (avg. 95%) through planting techniques that ensure optimal hydration and nutrient absorption in the early stages of plant growth. Our trees are maintained and protected by agreements made with landholders. 

Where are the trees planted?

The trees will go to one of several sights we are working on in the Byron Shire of New South Wales, Australia. These sites are chosen by us with consideration of their local ecological importance. 


Every tree contributes in restoring a critically endangered ecosystem and supports threatened species that once thrived in this region (including the koala, platypus and Richmond birdwing butterfly).  

Your trees will also sequester carbon for years to come, taking immediate action and mitigating the impacts of climate change. We very conservatively estimate that ~6 trees can offset 1 tonne of C02e (carbon dioxide equivalent). Noting that subtropical rainforest has a huge carbon storage capacity with multiple, dense vegetation layers. 


Australia's rainforests are only a fragment of what they once were and yet they are still one of the most beautiful and diverse places on Earth - Let's protect them from further deterioration by reforesting now, together.